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First Dentures in your life 3.

dentures red hill

Dentures Red Hill
Eating with Dentures
When the jaw closes into its relaxed positions, the back teeth should meet evenly each side and there should not be any contact with the front teeth in this position. This allows you to chew food on the back teeth without the front teeth interfering and causing movement of the dentures. The front teeth should only meet when the lower jaw moves forward and bites through a sandwich or biscuit etc and then the back teeth take over for chewing, although this will depend on the individuals jaw relationship/bite.
When you receive your new dentures you should practice eating with them slowly, taking in small amounts of food until you become accustomed to them as this will feel strange at first and normally fell quite a mouthful until you get used to them.
When you begin eating with your new dentures, it is important to start slowly. Eating may present difficulties. In fact, it is the most difficult part of mastering your new dentures. You must not be discouraged if you experience a few failures at first: natural teeth are firmly fixed in bone, while artificial dentures only rest on the bone. When chewing on one side you may notice a tendency for the dentures to tip and loosen on the opposite side. Attempt to chew on both sides with the teeth. This will help prevent your dentures from tipping. Provided you are patient and spend the necessary time practising, you will learn to control the dentures automatically by using the muscles of mastication in your mouth. All the muscles must learn what they should and should not do. With some new dentures, it may have been necessary to increase the height of your upper and lower teeth so as to have them contact sooner. With a change such as this, you will have to develop new chewing habits simply because you will be chewing your food at a different position than that of your old dentures. Begin with eating food that does not need hard chewing. Also take smaller mouthfuls and chew slowly and evenly. At first do not bit off with your front teeth; you will learn to do that later. Cut the food into smaller pieces that can easily be put into your mouth, try eating porridge or yoghurt. As you become more skilled at using your dentures, you will be able to try harder and tougher foods, maybe even soft fruit. You may also have difficulty with very thin foods such as lettuce and the skins of apples or tomatoes. You will find apples easy to eat if you peel them into slices or quarters.
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