Thursday, 9 June 2016

Your Dentures on your way?

Before you get your first set of dentures, you are always wondering how dentures are going to change your life. Will you look different? Will your speech be affected? How will wearing dentures change the way you eat? Will dentures make me look different?
The most likely answer is that your face will look fuller and look great.The technology used to make dentures has advanced to the point that each set of dentures is personalized to your whole mouth, including your gums, lips and tongue.
To ensure the fit and appearance of your new dentures, We will create waxed up model dentures in the exact shape and position of the proposed dentures. This allows you to try the models to make sure they fit right. In addition, the waxed up dentures will show you the color and shape of the new sets of teeth to ensure your comfort with the appearance of your new smile.

Will dentures affect my speech?

There will be an adjustment period for first time denture wearers and it will take some practice and perseverance to overcome this(normally about1~2weeks). In terms of speech, it is common to experience some minor speech changes, but it won’t take too long for your tongue and lips to re-learn where they go to regain you original speech patterns.
Will dentures affect the chewing?
There is a difference in the way you eat with dentures as compared to natural teeth and this will take some time to adjust to.For example, imagine biting into an apple. With your natural teeth, you would bite into the apple and tear the piece of apple away from the rest of the fruit. With dentures, you must learn how to bite into the apple, but not pull your head away until the pear is already in your mouth. It is really a small adjustment and should not take much time for you to learn.
As a tip for new denture wearers, start with soft foods and ensure that it is cut into small pieces rather than trying to bite with your front teeth as this can tend to dislodge the denture. Remember, the successful use of your dentures depends on your effort to master them. To learn to eat with your new teeth will take practice, patience and determination.

Getting started with Dentures?

Get started by contacting us for a Denture consultation at Denture Square Brisbane today. We look forward to helping you soon!