Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Denture Care (part1)

Denture Clinic Brisbane
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Denture Clinic Brisbane
Daily Cleaning
Before cleaning, be sure to fill the sink with water or lay a soft towel down on basin. Dentures sometimes break if they fall and hit a hard surface.
Rinse dentures under warm water after each meal to remove loose food debris. Boiling or excessively hot water can cause the denture to warp and not fit any more.
All dentures should be brushed daily with a soft tooth brush or soft denture brush.
They can be brushed with warm water, soap or denture paste. Toothpaste is too abrasive and can cause scratches in the acrylic.
Cleaning tablets(Steradent,Polident tablets...) can be used while denture is soaking in water. These help to remove light stains and loosen plaque buildup. Everyone should follow the manufacturer’s instructions; each type/brand is different.
After soaking, be sure to rinse thoroughly under warm water before re-inserting into mouth. Mouthwash may be used after rinsing with water to give a fresh taste and feeling.