Monday, 18 July 2016

New Denture Wearers (Part 3)

Denture Clinic Brisbane

Sore Spots

Some discomfort is to be expected until your gums grow accustomed to their new task. If a sore spot develops, contact Denture Square. We can relieve it promptly. Another of the new denture tips is if you feel the sore spot during a holiday or weekend, just try to leave the denture out for a bit to lessen the irritation.
Any denture will gradually loosen and this may cause sore spots to develop.

Keep Dentures Clean

Just as stains and tartar can build up on natural teeth, so they can on dentures. Clean your dentures every day to keep them natural looking and odor-free. Another of my new denture tips is really a few safety rules. When handling your denture, be sure to do so over water or a towel to cushion the fall of you should drop them. When not wearing the denture, keep it immersed in water to prevent it from drying out.

Even though you no longer have teeth, you still have gums. Your gums and jaw bone will continue to recede once the natural teeth are gone. Because of this your dentures will eventually feel more loose and may need to be relined by your dentist.You will see over the counter products for do-it-yourself relines and repairs. By using these you run the risk of damaging your gum ridges and throwing your bite out of alignment.