Wednesday, 13 July 2016

New Denture Wearers (Part 1)

You Can Smile Again (part1)
So you are now one of the millions of people in this country who wear dentures. Need some new denture tips? You may have some anxiety and worry but there are really no major problems that you are likely to encounter. There will be some minor annoyances and adjustments. In the near future your new dentures will provide you with a healthier mouth and probably a better appearance.
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You will find that your new teeth will be as lifelike as your dentist knows how to make them. The teeth used have been selected to match the shape, color and size of your natural teeth. Occasionally some minor changes are made to help improve your appearance. Incidentally, you may not want to insist on extremely white teeth. The goal to aim for is a natural look and few people have natural teeth that are bright white.
Getting Used to Dentures
When your new dentures are in place, your first impression will be that you have quite a mouthful. You may feel that your face looks "full" and the teeth may actually seem to be longer that they should. Your lips might seem out of place and your tongue will probably feel crowded. In addition, your salivary glands will appear to be working overtime and the increased saliva will be noticed.
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You will find that your mouth muscles are good at adapting and they will adjust to the new dentures. What you must do, though, is learn the trick of controlling your dentures and you can learn easily - with persistence and patience.